Construction Automation made Accessible.

We provide solutions that make construction automation accessible by using robotics and alternative materials, thus making construction cost saving, faster, and sustainable.


The founders, coming from a middle-class family, experienced the challenges faced in their household, to attain the unattainable dream of owning a decent home. To help make this dream a reality for the average Indian demography, they started Favo Robotics. 


The construction industry has long been plagued by challenges such as workforce shortage, skyrocketing raw material costs, weak productivity, and high wastage making construction projects time-consuming and expensive for the average Indian. This has led to a situation where an estimated 1.8 million homeless people in India, and a further 73 million families lack access to decent housing.


Favo Robotics aims to provide various affordable automation solutions to the construction industry to increase productivity, reduce the cost of construction and make construction processes more sustainable.